Debby Ryan & Gregg Sulkin: Star Magazine Young Hollywood


Debby Ryan & Gregg Sulkin had fun hanging with friends, listening to music and well, being teenagers at last night’s Star Magazine Young Hollywood Party.

When asked by reporters how they keep their private life private, Debby answered, “In my experience, it’s not that hard. You kind of go to work and you do your job and you work really hard. Then there’s the press and letting a certain amount show and definitely putting that foot forward but then being who you are and kind of making mistakes as teenagers and growing and all that at home. I have a really great family…I have great friends too that support me.”

Gregg added, “It’s definitely not hard. Since I’ve moved here, I’ve had quite a small, close group of friends, so for me it’s kind of been easy. If you’re hanging out with people and there are photos taken…whatever.”

Debby Ryan & Gregg Sulkin Star Party Interview