Justin Bieber Talks Range Rovers, Driving & My World 2.0


Justin Bieber made a call into Radio Disney to chat with Ernie D. Check out some highlights from the interview below.

On receiving Range Rover: “He [Usher] took me outside. There was a big bow on top of it….It was amazing, I jumped inside and he popped in his CD [Raymond Vs. Raymond].”

On driving (with his manager): “My mom is scared to death to ride with me. I ride with different people, like my manager lets me drive.”

When asked about the most exciting thing he’s done out of everything over the past year, year and a half, Justin said, “There has been a lot of great moments, but I would have to say it was pretty amazing performing for the President. That was pretty sweet and presenting at the Grammys…” When reminded about his first exciting first encounter with Beyonce, Justin added, “That definitely has to be up there.”

Justin will be taking over Radio Disney on Friday, April 2nd at 3 p.m. PT/6:00p.m. ET on Radio Disney. He will also be doing a special acoustic performance. Be sure to tune in.