Justin Bieber: ‘If I Am Lucky, I’ll Get Six Hours of Sleep a Night’


Justin Bieber is one busy 16-year-old.

The My World 2.0 singer recently chatted with the New York Times about his hair comparison to Zac Efron, his lyrics, his parent’s divorce and more.

Check out a few highlights below:

What is a typical day like: Every day is different, whether I am performing or doing interviews, but I definitely have long days, especially with the new album coming out. I have a lot of people who want to talk to me, and I am doing a lot of TV shows and stuff. Then I do dance and vocal warm-ups and cool-downs every day. The voice is like any other muscle, you have to exercise it. But if I am lucky I will get six hours of sleep a night. There are times when I get to come up for air, but most of the time I am working a lot and just having fun with it.

On his hair: I’d love to be able to say it was complicated, but I’m just chilling. My hair takes five minutes to do in the morning. I shower and as soon as I get out I just shake it and it just does that. For real.

On who would win in a hair-off with Zac Efron: I’ll let you decide. But all I’ll say is that it’s no competition.

On spending a lot of time with his mom: My mom’s amazing and so supportive. She’s not pushy and respects everything I do. It can get irritating — what 16-year-old do you know who is with his mom 24/7? But we take breaks from each other every now and then. Like now, I am in London and she’s back home. But I love my mom, I love her and I miss her to death.

On his growing lyrics & his song “Where Are You Now?” I think I am growing up and that the lyrics show that. That song is about my dad and having him not always being there. But my dad and I now have a great relationship. And I’m fine that stuff like that is coming out. I want to sing about things that are going on in my life, and a lot of people will be able to relate to it.

Read the full interview HERE.

Don’t forget that Justin will be performing at the Kids’ Choice Awards tonight on Nickelodeon. The show starts at 8pm EST.