Taylor Swift Challenges AHugFromTaylorSwift.com Guys


-Three Auburn University students have officially been challenged by none other than Taylor Swift.

Michael Wekall, Ryan Leander and Matthew Mahaffey created a website called ahugfromtaylorswift.com. They came up with the idea to film a documentary about their journey to get a hug from Taylor Swift. They have created some pretty funny video blogs showing their journey.

Well, the guys are in luck. Taylor has seen the site and uploaded a video to her website earlier this week sending the guys her first challenge in what will probably be a series of challenges.

What is her first challenge? She wants them to help a little old lady across the street! We can’t wait to see what the guys’ response video is. Be sure to check out ahugfromtaylorswift.com.

Also, inside…check out Taylor’s ACM consideration reel and some backstage interviews from American Express.

A Hug From Taylor Swift – Challenge #1 from Jordan on Vimeo.