Justin Bieber Performs on Letterman, Manager Arrested


Justin Bieber dropped by the Late Show with David Letterman last night to perform his single “Baby.”

Remember last year when Justin’s appearance at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island had to be cancelled?

It’s being reported that Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, was arrested this morning for the incident for failing to send out a tweet to fans telling them the event was cancelled.

Authorities say Scott “Scooter” Braun, 29, intentionally hindered the efforts of police as they tried to call off Bieber’s appearance amid the burgeoning star-struck fracas at the Roosevelt Field Mall.

Braun’s attorney, Manhattan lawyer Ravi Batra, says that his client wasn’t by a computer when cops called to ask him to send the Tweet, but got in front of one and sent it within 10 minutes. Batra says he is asking the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office to reopen the investigation because he says Braun broke no law.

Authorities asked Island Def Jam Senior Vice President James Roppo to call off the event via Tweet but they say he didn’t oblige. An hour later, someone else tried to send the cancellation message but Braun had allegedly changed the password to the account so he could control the event – a move designed to maximize publicity at the expense of public safety, prosecutors say.

Cops contacted Braun and told him about the situation but the manager gave authorities the runaround, prosecutors say. When they warned him he would be arrested if he didn’t cooperate, Braun allegedly told them to spell his name right on the warrant.

Craziness. Check out the full story HERE.

Also, check out an amazing cover of “Baby” on a recorder! Yes…a recorder like you play in middle school. The amazing Kurt Schneider put up his version of the song last night. Check it out below.