Demi Lovato: ‘I Felt Like Kelly Clarkson During Soundcheck’


-Before performing on “American Idol” tonight, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato gave a call into Ernie D. on Radio Disney.

Demi admitted to Ernie D. that Joe “has this thing where he tries to read my thoughts and predict what comes out of my mouth.” They also admitted that Joe spends more time in the makeup chair than Demi.

Check out a few more highlights below and the interview:

Ernie D: Now did you have any idea that when you recorded the song Make a Wave for Friends for Change you would be performing it on American Idol?

Demi: I had no idea, this is a dream come true, because Kelly Clarkson is my biggest idol, she is THE American idol of Season 1. I felt like Kelly Clarkson during sound check today

Ernie D: Are you guys nervous about performing in front of millions of Viewers?

Demi: It Makes me a little nervous, But for the most part, I’m excited more than anything

Joe” I think we are [both] very excited and it’s something you kind of dream of. For anyone to be on “American Idol” it’s exciting. We are having a good time, but we decided to not work with stairs. Best we stay away from stairs because Demi admits ‘we are the two most clumsiest people.’