Miley Cyrus Visits Good Morning America


Miley Cyrus is making the press rounds to promote her new movie The Last Song. She appeared on Good Morning America earlier today to talk about her role as “Ronnie.” She’s also appearing on The View today with Justin Bieber.

On not singing in the movie: “I think it’s really interesting and I think people expect me for my next movie to always kind of use that as what I lean towards. It was nice that there was music involved because that’s always going to be my first love and passion, but I didn’t necessarily want to be a singer.”

On learning the piano: “I had to learn. My director, her favorite story is…I pick on things pretty fast…I came in and looked totally exhausted and she was like ‘gosh, they’ve really been working you hard.’ I was like I know, I took piano lessons for a whole two days.’ I was glad it was something that wasn’t necessarily something that was so easy. I got the basics down which made me feel more comfortable.”

On working with Liam Hemsworth: “It was really good, you know what, because it makes you want to come to work and make each other look good…He’s trying to break out over here and I’m trying to make people see my work as a little bit more of a real actress and a little bit more mature. We both come to work every day so inspired. When you have someone, who not only for the work reasons, who loves you and wants you to do well, you want to really know your lines, you really want to help each other…and you want to make each other look good. We both were trying to get our point across that ‘hey, look we’re not just what people think we are. We can do more than that.'”

Miley also talked about her co-star Bobby Coleman and how she paid him $10 to find out if Liam liked her. She also talks about the end of “Hannah Montana” and more. Check out the great interview below.

Liam & Greg Kinnear will be on Good Morning America this week as well. Stay tuned!