Justin Bieber Hits on Barbara Walters


Justin Bieber made his first visit to “The View” today. He will be on the show again tomorrow.

The 16-year-old sat down on the couch with the ladies for an interview and also performed his song, “Never Let You Go.”

On being signed with Usher: “I met him. He blew me off. I met him in a parking lot and he blew me off. He actually watched my videos about a week later and was like “I got to get this kid back” so I went and sang for him.”

On if he misses regular school: “Definitely. I miss being able to go and hang out with my friends, but this is just an amazing experience and I’m having fun.”

On his “type” of girl: “You know, I’m into people that…you know…like Barbara Walters.

Justin even tweeted about it saying, Barbara Walters just came backstage earlier. I hit on her… Just joking around though. Think she liked it. Haha.

Justin will be back on The View tomorrow to perform his single “Baby.” He’ll also be on BET’s 106 & Park. In addition, My World 2.0 hits stores tomorrow.