Kyle Kaplan Interview Featuring Meaghan Martin & Debby Ryan


-We recently asked Kyle Kaplan to tell us about the new episodes of “10 Things I Hate About You” and the interview turned into probably one of our most fun interviews. Two special guests even decided to crash the interview: Meaghan Martin & Debby Ryan.

On what to expect in the new episodes: We really get to kind of get to dive into the characters. I know you’re going to find out something big about Michael. Make sure to tune in. You’ve got good old “Katrick” going strong. You’ll learn more about their relationship. Nicholas Braun, “Cameron,” has some good surprises this season as well.

On if he’s similar to his character: I think we’re both really crazy and we both kind of always push it to the limit. “Michael Bernstein” & Kyle Kaplan…the same person.

On his favorite type of music: I really like funk music. Anything with a crazy bass line…got me sold on that.

Check out the full interview below to also see what Kyle would think about Debby guest starring on “10 Things” and what he thinks about Meaghan. Be sure to tune into the mid-season premiere of “10 Things I Hate About You” on March 29 on ABC Family.