Miley Cyrus & Nicholas Sparks Open Up to USA Today


Miley Cyrus and author Nicholas Sparks recently got together with USA Today to discuss their new movie, The Last Song.

The screenplay for the movie was written by Sparks as a breakout role for Cyrus. The novel was written afterwards. Check out some highlights from the interview below. Read the full interview at USA Today.

On if Miley’s read The Last Song? “With the book, I’ve only gotten through part of The Last Song, because the movie started first.”

On if Nicholas was a fan of “Hannah Montana”: “I don’t know if I ever watched a Hannah Montana show. … Nothing personal. My daughters do every day.”

On how The Last Song was tailored for her: “It’s got things I would like,. Even the name — I picked ‘Ronnie’ for my granddad. Things like that. But it was not written to make it easy for me, either.”

Miley also shared that she didn’t want to be a singer in the movie, but wanted to be musical. Sparks then wrote her character as a classical pianist instead.

The Last Song hits theaters on March 31.