Fun Facts about Debby Ryan & Hakuna Matata


-Have you picked up your copy of DisneyMania7 yet? If not, be sure to get it on iTunes.

We know someone who is super excited about the release. None other than Debby Ryan! Debby was so excited, she tweeted up a storm last night and guess what?!?! The song she covers, “Hakuna Matata,” even made it in the top 10 trending topics worldwide last night!

Also, she tweeted: GUYS! My cover of #HakunaMatata is the THIRD most popular purchase on that entire album of Disneymania 7; It’s all because of you (: thankyou!

Want to know some fun facts about Debby and the song?

-This is Debby’s first song ever put on iTunes.
-The first time Debby has ever been on a cover of a CD
-No female has ever professionally done this song. It’s always been done by men.
-“Hakuna Matata” is one of Debby’s favorite songs.
-She has used “Hakuna Matata” in many ways on her myspace, website etc.
-She has a toothbrush that sings “Hakuna Matata.”
-She wanted the song to be upbeat, young and fun but still stay true to the roots of the song.

We love the singing toothbrush! Debby also called into her SayNow last night. Check out that message below and stay tuned for more with Debby!!