Francia Raisa & Brendan Fehr: The Cutting Edge: Fire And Ice


Francia Raisa reprises her roles as “Alexandra ‘Alex’ Delgado” in “The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice.”

In the latest installment in the series, Alex’s figure skating career has come to an abrupt halt after her partner (on and off the ice) became injured. As their love affair cooled, a heart-broken Alex stopped competing and turned to teaching. Enter James Van Behr (Fehr), the smoldering bad boy of speed skating, who has had fiery Alex in his sights as a skating partner ever since he was banned from speed skating. There aren’t many girls who say no to James and Alex may well be the first. However, James pushes her buttons, challenging her like no one else and her fighting spirit returns. She agrees to be his partner and they begin a grueling practice regimen fueled (and occasionally derailed) by their own tempestuous relationship which heats up as they get closer to competition. But will their passion destroy Alex’s chance to bring home the gold again?

The movie will premiere on ABC Family on Sunday, March 14 at 8/7c.. It will be preceded by a marathon of the previous 3 films.

Will you be watching?