Taylor Lautner Drops Out of Max Steel


Taylor Lautner may have signed on for a bunch of movies lately, but it looks like he’s starting to cut them down.

As we reported earlier, Taylor has dropped out of Northern Lights and is also now dropping out of Max Steel according to Vulture.

Taylor was set to play the title role in Max Steel, based on the Mattel action figure of the same name. Then at the beginning of the month, it was announced that Taylor had signed on to play Stretch Armstrong, a character based on the popular Hasbro toy.

Insiders have told Vulture that Taylor has dropped Max Steel in favor of Stretch Armstrong because he became increasingly convinced that Hasbro was playing its hand better than Mattel. You can read more about the reasoning HERE.

Do you think Taylor made the right choice? Does he make a better Max Steel or Stretch Armstrong?