More Details on Debby Ryan’s ‘Sixteen Wishes’


-We broke the news at the beginning of the month that Debby Ryan was busy filming a new DCOM in Vancouver in January and February. We didn’t know a lot of information except that it was called “16 Wishes” and co-starred former “Kyle XY” star Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

Thanks to Stitch Kingdom, we know more about the upcoming movie.

The movie is set to premiere this Summer and Debby stars as Abby Jensen, a girl who has been planning her 16th birthday for the longest time. She has a secret wish list taped to her closet door, and on her big day a box of Sweet Sixteen Birthday Candles arrives, each of which corresponds to a wish on her list. As her wishes come true, her day gets better and better until she makes a wish that changes everything.

According to David Levine, the VP of worldwide programming strategy, acquisitions and co-productions for Disney Channels Worldwide, “‘Sixteen Wishes’ is a funny and aspirational movie about a young girl who realizes the true meaning of the universal theme, be careful what you wish for. Debby Ryan brings a unique charm and vulnerability to the role of Abby, one that we know our audience will embrace.”

Congrats Debby! We can’t wait to see the new movie. If you had 16 wishes, what would you wish for?