Miley Cyrus Will Be Sans Liam Hemsworth at the Oscars


-It was recently announced that Miley Cyrus will be presenting at the Oscars on March 7.

According to E! Online, don’t expect to see Miley on the arm of boyfriend Liam Hemsworth on the big night. Sources are telling E! that Liam doesn’t want her appearance to be overshadowed by their romance. Nor do they want people thinking they’d use the Academy Awards to flaunt their relationship.

“Liam’s a pretty low-key guy anyway,” one source says. “He doesn’t mind not going.”

So instead of Liam, Miley’s mom Tish will be her date, just like at the Grammys.

The Oscars air on ABC on March 7 at 8pm EST. Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart will also present.