Kellan Lutz Wants You to Adopt a Pet


-How cute is Kellan Lutz’s new poster for PETA Kids?!?! Kellan is teaming up with PETA Kids to encourage people to adopt rather than buy pets. He even has a rescued dog named Kola!

Each year, over 7 million dogs and cats are turned over to U.S. animal shelters that are already filled with wonderful, healthy animals, and nearly half of them must be euthanized because there aren’t enough good homes. Think of it this way: For each adorable puppy or kitten purchased from a breeder or pet shop, an equally adorable animal at a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a home and is euthanized.

Conditions for animals in puppy mills, from which pet shops often get the animals they sell, are terrible. They live in cramped, filthy cages, are denied proper veterinary care, and often go insane from confinement.

Listen to Kellan’s story and check out his ad below.

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