“JONAS” Season 2 & Living the Dream Details


-Production has started on season 2 of “JONAS” and the show is taking over Los Angeles! Check out this picture of Adam Hicks on the set with the Jonas Brothers filming scenes today. (Credit: OceanUp) Emma Roberts was on set as well. Not sure if she’s filming a guest spot or was just visiting. Check out a few more pics HERE.

It’s Summer vacation and Kevin, Joe and Nick Lucas (Kevin, Joe, & Nick Jonas) have landed in Los Angeles, where they have rented a Hollywood Hills house and will experience a summer like no other when their relaxing vacation turns into three life-changing opportunities:

Joe lands a prized role in a big Hollywood film (Which we’re guessing is called “Chasing Butterflies” from the paparazzi pics)
Kevin indulges his newfound passion for the movie business by shadowing a famous director
Nick takes up surfing and feverishly works on his first passion – writing songs for the new JONAS album.

Completing the entourage are the guys’ best friends, Stella Malone (Chelsea Staub), who continues to grapple with being more than just a friend to Joe, and Macy Misa (Nicole Anderson), who keeps all the fans up to date with her JONAS V-log.

With the new season, comes new characters. New recurring characters include Debi Mazar (“Entourage”) as Mona, the mercurial and eccentric film director at the helm of the movie Joe stars in; Adam Hicks (of Disney XD’s “Zeke and Luther”) as DZ, the brothers’ posturing neighbor; and Abby Pivaronas (“Lincoln Heights”) as Vanessa Page, Joe’s beautiful movie co-star. Chaperoning the fun are the Lucas Brothers’ friend and chief of security, Big Man (played by Jonas Brothers’ real-life chief of security, Rob Feggans), and Stella’s Aunt Lisa, played by Beth Crosby (“All My Children”). Throughout the season, “JONAS” will feature all-new original songs performed by Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas.

The new season won’t premiere until later this year, but to hold you off, Disney will be presenting the new season of “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream 2.” The short-form series will premiere on Sunday, March 21 at 8:55pm EST.

The series will feature 11 episodes and follows Kevin, Joe and Nick on the road during their headlining tour across Europe, with stops in France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and England.

In the premiere episode, “Kick Off,” Kevin, Joe and Nick arrive in Italy for the first stop on the European leg of their tour and take the stage for the first time on an intimate 360 degree circular set. The cameras follow the musicians as they prepare for the opening night show and Kevin shows how he, Joe and Nick sneak past thousands of fans to get under the stage at the start of each show.

The second installment of the series delves into Kevin, Joe and Nick’s other passions including favorite charities and how they stay fit and healthy. Joe reveals his biggest unfulfilled goal, while Nick sheds light on the songwriting process and how past relationships have inspired some of their biggest hits.

Are you excited for the new seasons of these shows?