Danielle Panabaker Premieres ‘The Crazies’


Danielle Panabaker squeezes in between her co-star Timothy Olyphant and director Breck Eisner at the VIP screening of their new movie The Crazies at the Vista Theatre on Tuesday evening.

Danielle follows up her role in last year’s remake of Friday the 13th with her role in this horror movie. The Crazies is about the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply. It opens on February 26.

Danielle recently talked with IESB about her role in the movie. She plays “Becca,” a “who is a young high school student at the only high school in the small town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa. She is a really good-natured, sweet, average high school student. She has her high school boyfriend and her after-school job, which happens to be working with Judy Dutton, who is Radha Mitchell’s character, in her doctor’s office.”

The movie is a remake, but Danielle admitted she hadn’t seen the original before accepting the part: “I hadn’t seen the original, going into it, so I made a conscious choice not to watch it. While our film has many similarities to George Romero’s original, a lot of the technology has changed in the past 30 or so years, and a lot of the issues that were contemporary then aren’t quite as contemporary now. I think the writers did an excellent job of really updating the script and making it plausible and terrifying for today’s generation.”

Read the full interview HERE. Will you be seeing The Crazies?