Taylor Swift: Australia & Japan Photoblog


Taylor Swift snaps a pic with a few of her backup dancers and bandmates on the beach in Melbourne during her Australian tour this month.

Taylor just posted a new photo blog highlighting various things from her trip to Australia and Japan.

She wrote a caption for each photo, which you can read at the full blog but we’ve picked some highlights. She shared, “I remember last year when we were in Australia for the first time, we went to go see a Coldplay concert on one of our days off.
It was at the giant arena there, and I remember thinking “Wouldn’t it be amazing if someday down the line, we could play in this arena?” Playing two nights in that arena less than a year later was something I’ll never forget. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Sydney.”

Did you know Taylor met her backup singer Liz in a meet and greet line a few years ago? How cool. She also got to eat at a restaurant in Japan where a scene of Kill Bill was filmed. Overall, her trip sounded like a blast!

She closed her blog with: I’ve been writing lots of songs. And the tour is starting up again soon in the US. I love you guys.

We can’t wait to hear the new music! Her tour kicks off in the US again on March 4.