Miley Says Goodbye Episode Promo


-Take a look at the promo for the season 3 finale of “Hannah Montana” titled “Miley Says Goodbye?”.

The DVD of the same name hits stores on March 9. It includes the season finale in which Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is presented with a pivotal decision-making moment about staying in Hollywood or returning home to Tennessee. The DVD features six episodes, including the Season 3 finale episode, exciting bonus features and a bonus episode.

Bonus Episode
• “He Could Be The One” – 1-hour episode with alternate ending featuring Cody Linley & Drew Roy

Bonus Features
• Sister Secrets – Miley’s real-life sister, Brandi Cyrus, leads this exclusive backstage tour of the Hannah Montana show. Armed with her “Brandi-Cam,” Brandi gets access and juicy details that only a real BFF can get with Miley, Emily, Jason, Mitchel, Moises, and even her dad, Billy Ray.
• Hannah Highlights – Pop-up trivia/facts on the episode “You Never Give Me My Money”

The season finale episode is supposed to be released on the DVD before it airs, but according to the promo, the episode airs on March 7. This promo might be from a different country. We’ll keep you posted.

Check out stills from the DVD HERE.