SNL Clinched Stretch Armstrong for Taylor Lautner


-It wasn’t his heartthrob status that closed the deal for Taylor Lautner’s new role as Stretch Armstrong. It was his opening monologue on “Saturday Night Live” where he showed off his mixed-martial arts skills that closed the deal.

MTV News caught up with Hasbro CEO & producer Brian Goldner recently. He shared, “”He is a real actor, and it was so clear to us as we saw him in ‘Twilight.’ And we look for insights from every audience about where we should go with our brands, so when I saw my daughter and all of her friends go crazy for him, and then I saw the background that he was also this mixed martial arts expert in that ‘Saturday Night Live’ piece … that was the real deal.”

Goldner wet on to say, “He’s an accidental superhero. Really what he is, is he’s going to be a guy much like himself. A guy who knows mixed martial arts, a guy who is going off to college, a guy who’s trying to have a freshman year at college — something along those lines — and everything kind of ensues from there.”

Read the full article HERE. Check out pics of Taylor at the Hasbro Toy Fair HERE.