Selena Gomez Talks Jersey Shore, Relationships, Wizards & More


Zang Radio host Zach Sang met up with Selena Gomez earlier this week in NYC to talk about everything from “Naturally” to reality TV. Check out some highlights:

On “Naturally”: Actually, “Naturally” wasn’t even supposed to be on the record. It was the last one we put on. I recorded it and the label and the producers just loved it.

On her clothing line, “Dream Out Loud”: I basically wanted to make stuff that I would wear and my fans would wear.

On Ramona & Beezus: I’m really excited for it to come out because it’s just been something that’s been really close with Fox and putting it together. It’s taken them like 5 years to put together. I was honored to be a part of it.

On “Jersey Shore”: “Jersey Shore” [is my guilty pleasure]. I went online and googled it and my “Jersey Shore” name is Pookie. I’m like Snooki’s sister. I love it. I actually want to be her for Halloween but it’s a while away.

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