The Road to ‘Camp Rock 2’: In the Studio


Demi Lovato gives a thumbs up in this new sneak peek for “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.”

This installment of The Road to Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam gives a sneak peek of the cast in the recording studio. Demi shared, “you get really excited listening to the songs and wondering what it’s going to sound like when everyone’s voices are on it.”

Alyson Stoner shared the 4 parts of the recording process:
1. You get the song
2. You practice
3. You show up at the studio
4. You rock it out

Joe Jonas went on to say “it’s nice to be back and to hear the familiar voices on the songs. Demi, Alyson, and obviously my brothers are going to be on the songs too.” Kevin continued, “we can sing a song and never see each other, but then the end product we see it on screen…it’s pretty cool.”

Are you excited for “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam”?