Justin Bieber Performs at Nokia LA Live


-Big, thick framed glasses must be the new trend! Justin Bieber was spotted wearing some at his free concert tonight at Nokia Plaza’s LA Live in Los Angeles. Joe Jonas has been sporting his glasses a lot lately too.

The free concert was sponsored by KIIS FM and was supposed to start in the afternoon according to On the Red Carpet. Unfortunately with all the snow and bad weather in the south, the concert was delayed until the evening because Justin’s flight from Atlanta was delayed.

Justin tweeted: Been up since 5am trying to catch a flight to LA to make it to the bieber baby crawl with KIIS…bad travel day. Worst travel day ever- nothing more to say. That says it all. The 15-year-old finally made it though.

Justin participated in the “We Are the World” remake. He got to sing the opening lines! Be sure to pick up a copy to help out Haiti HERE. And if you missed it, check out the behind the scenes footage from his music video for “Baby” HERE.

Justin will be spending his Valentine’s Day performing at the Hollywood Palladium at 6pm. Do you like Justin in glasses?