Exclusive: Randy Wayne Share’s His V-Day Do’s & Don’ts


To Save a Life star Randy Wayne recently shared some great Valentine’s Day stories with us. His tips: be creative and don’t spend money you don’t have.

He shared a bad Valentine’s story with us:

I had a blind date, I was living in Orange County and I was broke. An acting manager hooked me up with a somewhat known, kind of famous actress. So I drove 2.5 hours in traffic to LA. I had $100 in my bank account and I paid for the $160 dinner with my debit card and I only hung out with that girl one day after that. I went negative like $90 with the fee on it. So don’t take a blind date with some girl you don’t know and drive 3 hours and spend more money than you have.

And of course, a good story:

Make it extremely creative because, this is when I was broke, my buddy and I went out and clipped a whole bunch of flowers from different gardens and found some cheap vases at Goodwill. Basically we went and bought all these things for very cheap. Maybe spent $20 each and had this really romantic dinner with our girlfriends at my apartment on the ground with blankets and candles. It was very cool.

And of course, what does Randy look for in a girl?

I need a girl with a huge sense of humor. That’s the number one important thing for me. And one who doesn’t take themselves too serious.

What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done on Valentine’s Day?