Sterling Knight is a Sandman


Sterling Knight gives one of “Chad Dylan Cooper’s” famous poses from “Sonny With A Chance” during his recent interview with KTLA. (The far-off stare)

Sterling promoted his new movie, “StarStruck,” and also shared an interesting fact. His middle name is Sandman. He also shared that his siblings names are Samantha Scarlett and Spencer Shuga. He then showed his ID to verify it. Very interesting.

Also, there has been much speculation as to whether Sterling actually sings in “StarStruck” or not, after Varsity Fanclub’s Drew Ryan Scott posted tweets about recording for the soundtrack. He is also credited in the album liner notes. Sterling took to his twitter:

Thanks for all the support everyone! I don’t wanna take credit for anything or offend anyone cause I think drew ryan scott is amazingly talented and I am so grateful that disney found someone that fantastic to sing the rest of the songs. I tried really hard to make the singing my voice, but I literally showed up a week before shooting and heard the songs 4 days before I recorded starstruck. Just not not enough time 🙁 and fyi drew did sing backround vocals on starstruck and thats HIS voice on the other songs! I can’t thank him enough. Hopefully this will put an end to all this silliness! Thanks again much love to everyone!

So, Sterling DID sing the title track “StarStruck.” Sterling was a last minute replacement in this movie for Cody Linley, who had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

“StarStruck” premieres on Disney Channel on February 14 at 8pm EST.