Valentine’s Day Cast Wants a Twilight Dance Off


Valentine’s Day stars Topher Grace & Anne Hathaway joked with MTV News recently that they’d love to have a dance-off with the cast of Twilight.

But what side would Taylor Lautner dance on? “I was just gonna say, what is Taylor gonna do?” Hathaway asked. “Taylor’s gonna have to ref it.” Grace went on to jokingly say, “He’s, like, a nice werewolf. I’ll take him in a dance-off any day. He’s, like, a moral werewolf. [‘Valentine’s Day’ star] Taylor Swift gets to make the music choice … Lautner refs. He’s doing backflips and stuff. You name the place and the time. We’ll be there.”

Lautner also told Access Hollywood that he doesn’t have any big plans for his 18th birthday, which is tomorrow.

Who do you think would win in a dance-off?