Ayla Kell Dishes On Valentine’s Day


-We recently chatted with “Make It or Break It” star Ayla Kell and asked her to share her favorite Valentine’s Day story. She told us:

My favorite Valentine’s story is when I was in elementary school there was a boy named Kalin, and he is going to kill me if he ever reads this. There was a boy named Kalin and he was my boyfriend, I’d say for five years. So every Valentine’s Day, we did this whole Valentine’s Day exchange of cards and stuff. It was just so sweet and so cute. I think as a joke this year, I’m going to send him a Valentine because I keep cards just because people put their heart and soul into that kind of stuff. So, I keep cards. I’m going to send him one that he sent me from elementary school.

How cute! What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? Stay tuned for more Valentine’s stories from Nick Jonas, Randy Wayne and more.