Taylor Swift on Hit List TV


Taylor Swift joined Hit List TV hosts Matty & Renee to answer some questions from fans via twitter. Taylor talked about the Grammys, Justin Bieber and songwriting.

On dropping her Grammy: I didn’t drop it on the Grammys. It was backstage and it was like oooh, lets pick that up…of course that would happen to me.

On media speculating about who she’s dating: I don’t care. I don’t complain about it because I’ve just kind of accepted the fact that I’m going to go on dates with people I want to go on dates with. I’m going to spend time with boys I want to spend time with and what labels people want to put on that is completely fine with me because I want to spend time with those people. I don’t have to define it because I know everyone else is going to.

On Justin Bieber dedicating “Favorite Girl” to her: It was really cool. I’ve never had a song dedicated to me before. I just see Justin Bieber and I want to hug him.

On songwriting & taking time in between albums: [My inspiration comes from] boys. And unrequited love. I write all the time involuntarily…I’m always writing, so it’s really about taking two years worth of diary entries that are songs and picking the best ones.

Edit: Added Taylor’s interview on the Today Show as well.