Sterling Knight Screamed at Zac Efron


Sterling Knight gives a big smile while he shares a funny story on The Bonnie Hunt Show. The 20-year-old appeared on the show to promote his upcoming Disney Channel movie “StarStruck”.

“StarStruck” premieres on Disney Channel on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Bonnie asked if he had someone to watch the movie with and he shared that he is “miserably single.” Sterling also talked about his buddy Zac Efron. Sterling revealed he had auditioned for both “High School Musical” & The Derby Stallion and lost both roles to Zac. Then one day, he was playing a round of golf and his truck was blocked in by a film crew. Turns out it was something that Zac was filming. Zac was actually standing in the back of Sterling’s truck looking for his hacky sack when Sterling started yelling at him.

Sterling went on to say that after he booked 17 Again, he told Zac they had met before: “[To Zac] You don’t remember, it was a long time ago. I may have told you to get out of my truck and a couple other expletives. And he [Zac] immediately remembered and said ‘that was you! You were so mean!'” Don’t worry…they’re good friends now.

Check out the full interview below and Sterling playing “Young People Don’t Know Nothin’.” “StarStruck” premieres on February 14 on Disney Channel.