Nick Jonas ‘Who I Am’ Available NOW


Jordin Sparks watches Nick Jonas play piano in this new youtube video promoting Nick’s album, Who I Am. Nick was inspired at the Grammys to write some new tunes. Too bad they’ve already been done by Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Kings of Leon. So funny. The debut CD from Nick Jonas & The Administration is out NOW. You can purchase it on iTunes HERE.

As a special treat, Nick headed down to the Santa Monica Pier and performed some songs for the fans that showed up. Watch it HERE. Nick said that there are two versions of “Stay” recorded. One is live and one is studio, but he’s not sure when or if or which will be released. He also shared that he hasn’t recorded “While the World is Spinning” but he’s open to having another artist record it. He said that he thinks the song would be perfect for Allstar Weekend. He also said he will be filming Ellen today (It will air tomorrow)

Last night, Nick along with Kevin, Joe & Jordin Sparks were part of the new version of “We Are the World”.

Also below is part 1 of Nick’s feature with Modelinia.

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