Cody Linley Talks Kisses with Wendy Williams Show


Cody Linley dropped by the Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday morning. The 20-year-old is doing promotion for his upcoming musical “Over Here”.

Cody talked about his hair and eyebrows, showed off his juggling skills and talked about the craft services on “Hannah Montana.” He also talks about his first kiss with Miley Cyrus:

Well, we didn’t rehearse it. Me and Miley had a big kiss on our fourth episode. We actually film in front of a live audience…It had to be a Disney kiss, so it wasn’t just a peck, it was more of a smooch I’d say.

Cody talks about his musical “Over Here”. The show will be in Los Angeles in February and then heading to Broadway in NYC in June. He’s also a part of the video game Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll. Check out the full interview below.