Push Play is Taking a Break


-Rumors have been floating around as to whether Push Play is breaking up or not. Good news fans, they aren’t, they are just taking a break to focus on education.

Take a look at the letter sent out by their official street team:

Dear Push Play Fan,

Push Play has some exciting news they want to share with you if you haven’t heard already. Here’s what’s happening. Push Play wants to take some time to get to know their inner strengths. One way of doing this is through education and another is by taking the past experiences and disecting them to see how they can become stronger as a band. As a result, they are taking a BREAK from being Push Play but not breaking up. Derek was awarded a full scholarship to college 2 years ago. He completed 1 year then deferred the scholarship for 1 year to perform with the rest of Push Play fulltime and tour nationally. He has to use it or lose it so he’s going back to school to complete his education. Nick and Steve’s one year of deferment from college is now up so they went back to college last week. They are taking courses now so that they can get their degree and balance Push Play. CJ also deferred college but has decided to instead throw himself into songwriting and production and hone his skills as a performer. Fancorps will continue to exist and tasks will continue to be posted during their break. The Push Play myspace, facebook and twitters will remain active and the guys will continue to connect while on their break. They still have 2 performances on the tour calendar left: School of Rock in Hackensack, NJ on Feb 13 and Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY on Feb 20 for PopCon. They hope to see as many familiar and new faces as possible at these last 2 shows before they take their break! So get your tix today! We’d hate for you to miss out on either of these performances! Long live Push Play!

Push Play Management

Are you sad Push Play is taking a break?