Chace Crawford & Matthew Morrison: Icon Pals


-Pals Chace Crawford and Matt Morrison met up at the Grammys Salute to Icons Honor Doug Morris on Saturday evening.

Chace’s movie, Twelve, made it’s premiere this week at Sundance. The movie was bought by Hannover House for distribution for $2 million before it even premiered at the festival. The movie is based on a novel by Nick McDonell. In the movie, Crawford plays White Mike, a teenage dropout whose mother has just died and who is selling drugs to his ex-classmates on the gleaming streets of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It co-stars Emma Roberts & 50 Cent.

Chace also teamed up with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Long, Emmy Rossum and many more for a PSA urging Congress to pass the Clean Energy, Jobs and American Power Act currently pending in the Senate.