Taylor Swift: ‘I Get Nervous About Everything’


Taylor Swift gives a smile while she rehearses for the Grammys on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles. The 20-year-old is nominated for a total of 8 Grammys this weekend. US Magazine talked with Taylor the other night and she shared, “I get nervous about everything! I am just so excited to be nominated for eight Grammys. That is sort of still unfathomable for me. I’ve never won one Grammy, so please wish me luck. I’m performing too, so hopefully that comes together. I still have to find something to wear, but I think it’ll all come together the day before!”

Taylor has also been spotted out at dinner with John Mayer a few times. She told the magazine that he is just a mentor to her, but she doesn’t mind the speculation. “I try not to be a complainer, you know?”

Also below, check out Taylor’s recent interview from the CBS Early Show. The interview was filmed on the set where The Wizard of Oz was filmed. Taylor shared, “I would love to know what that felt like some day, and I’m not gonna be picky about it. I would take any of the eight. I would take one this year or ten years from now. It feels really wonderful to have eight shots at it.”

Be sure to tune into the Grammys this Sunday at 8pm EST on CBS.