Joe Jonas: “It Was Hard Not to Laugh At Some of Them”


Joe Jonas makes sure he has his gum, wallet and phone as he gets out of his car at a recording studio in Hollywood on Friday afternoon. The middle JoBro just returned from his trip to Washington, DC where he was supporting the Special Olympics.

In an interview with The Jack Diamond Morning Show, Joe talked about his recent guest judging stint on “American Idol.” He shared, “It was a funny situation. Some of the people that went through were just so hilarious and some people were really talented, so we’ll see how it goes…It was definitely hard not to laugh at some of them.”

He also talked about what it’s like to hear a song about him on the radio: “Honestly, it’s flattering. I write songs about people too. You know that there’s creative freedom in writing music and it should always be allowed.”

Check out the full interview below.