Chelsea Staub & Sterling Knight: When In Rome Pals


Chelsea Staub caught up with “StarStruck” co-star Sterling Knight at the premiere of When In Rome in Hollywood on Wednesday. Sterling is sporting a new shorter do. What do you think?

“StarStruck” premieres on February 14 on Disney Channel. The soundtrack hits stores on February 9. The movie follows Jessica Olsen and her family as they visit her grandmother in Los Angeles, and she winds up by chance meeting Hollywood pop star Christopher Wilde. It seems that Christopher has it all – fame, fortune and a big-budget Hollywood movie awaiting him – but after spending time with Jessica, he realizes he’s been missing out on something very important – being himself. As he shows her the city sites, the pair develop a friendship, but their bond is tested when Christopher publicly denies knowing her. Now Christopher must decide what is more important– being true to himself or becoming a movie star.