Nick Jonas Is A Wiltern Rocker


-Last night, Nick Jonas & The Administration played their first of four shows at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. The release of the band’s debut album, Who I Am is now only 6 days away. If you haven’t yet, be sure to pre-order the CD.

Right now you can head over to Nick’s Myspace and stream the new album for FREE. The album will be available for 3 days. But as always, make sure to support the musician and buy a copy of the CD on Tuesday.

If you loved the “Who I Am” music video, here’s your chance to recreate it! First, if you’re going to any of the remaining shows, you can donate $1 and make your own “Who I Am” sign to hold up during the show. The proceeds will benefit Change for the Children. You can also go to and personalize the video with your own photos and then send it to your family and friends.

Nick Jonas & The Administration will be rocking out at the Wiltern again tonight and through Jan. 29. Their final show will be in Berkley on Jan. 30.