Chelsea Staub Announces ‘Harmonies For Haiti’


Chelsea Staub is showing her support for the Haiti Relief effort in a fun creative way. The “JONAS” actress has announced “Harmonies For Haiti”, in which she is working on gathering musicians and friends for a special event. She took to her official blog to share more on her thoughts and why she’s starting “Harmonies for Haiti”.

The disaster in Haiti has had me glued to the TV, but I hit a point where watching CNN in my sweatpants and indulging in my third popsicle just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Being a young, working actress in Hollywood has granted me many amazing opportunities, so I figured it was time to finally put some bite behind my bark. Just like everyone else, I’ve texted “Haiti” to 90999 and Twittered about the crisis multiple times, but upon hearing story after story of the horrible atrocities these human beings are struggling to endure, it became clear that I needed to step it up.

I’m a big advocate of the music scene and even had the opportunity to tour with a few up and coming bands over the summer. On the other side of that, I’m lucky enough to work on a television series with one of the most recognizable bands in the world. So I sat down at my computer and emailed every musician/artist for which I have contact information. I also dropped a note to the booking agent for a few small venues to see if he would be willing to open his doors for a fundraiser, with 100% of the proceeds going to The Red Cross and their work in Haiti. As the day unfolded, excitement about the potential event began to escalate. I was overwhelmed by the response from friends, co-workers, bands, and, as things turned out, the booking agent, Andy. He responded to my email in enthusiastic haste, and has offered to help me pull off what I think could be a monumentally charitable night. In less than six hours, the prospect of this event being hosted by a couple of bands in a 100 capacity room quickly became something much, much bigger; as this venue caps out at 1,000 kids.

This isn’t about press or being seen. This is going back to the “love in” days of the 60’s; where audience and artists alike gather together, not only for a night of incredible music, but also for a bigger purpose. A good time for a good cause. The needs in Haiti will be ongoing and let’s show them that the youth of America cares and can contribute to making a difference. Details will be forthcoming.

It’s time to do something for the world beyond texting. Here’s to “Harmonies for Haiti.”

Credit: Bob D’Amico/Disney Channel