Victoria Justice: ‘It’s My Own Show, It’s Crazy’


-Take a peek at some new promos for the upcoming Nickelodeon show “Victorious”. The show stars Victoria Justice who plays Tori Vega, a teen who unexpectedly finds herself navigating life at an elite performing arts high school. After her sister Trina (Daniella Monet, Nancy Drew) has a medical mishap on the night of the school’s annual talent showcase, Tori steps in to perform Trina’s song. Accompanied on the piano by her musically-gifted friend André (Leon Thomas, August Rush, The Lion King, iCarly), Tori’s singing and dancing impress the school’s principal so much that she offers her the opportunity of a lifetime – an invitation to become a student at Hollywood Arts High School. From her first day at the school, Tori feels out of place among the amazingly talented students, especially mean diva Jade (Elizabeth Gillies, Broadway’s acclaimed 13). With the help of Trina, André and her new friends – brooding bad boy Beck (Avan Jogia, Spectacular!), eccentric Cat (Ariana Grande, Broadway’s 13) and lovable but psychologically scrambled ventriloquist Robbie (Matthew Bennett) – Tori realizes that she was born to perform and that entertaining people not only makes her happy but may change her life.

The show will feature original music performed by the cast. Twist recently visited the set of the show and talked to a few of the cast members. Find out what they love about the show below.

Credit: Aaron Warkov/Nickelodeon ©2009 Viacom International, Inc.