Exclusive: Sterling Knight Takes Over Radio Disney & Talks Twitter


Sterling Knight took over Radio Disney yesterday, and we were there! The “StarStruck” star chatted with Ernie D all about the movie, football, working with Brandon Smith again, singing and even about driving…or not driving, a Ferarri. Then after, we had the chance to ask Sterling some questions. Check out a few highlights below and watch the full interview below.

On taking over Radio Disney: It was really fun. I think this is the second takeover…is there a difference between a takeover and stopping by for a party? It’s the second time and it gets easier and more fun each time. Ernie D & Jake are just kind of the men. Taking calls from the fans is always cool. It’s fun to see what they want to know.

On “StarStruck”: I play Christopher Wilde and he happens to run into this girl, Jessica Olson. She kind of changes his life and they end up on this whirlwind adventure running away from the paparazzi and going to all these cool places in Hollywood…learning about each other and the other side of life. It’s a nice, fun romantic comedy that I think will appeal to more people than people will initially think.

On his favorite thing about playing Christopher: The ability to get my mom a 9-foot picture of me.

On if he was nervous to have to sing: Are you kidding me? Yeah, I was real nervous. I had to try and come off like I’ve been doing this my entire life, which I definitely haven’t. Singing, dancing and learning music, I was really nervous. Luckily enough I was working with people that really helped me along and I think it came off ok. Hopefully everyone will believe Christopher has been doing this his whole life and I’m not that bad.

On his twitter: Officially, because this has just been a nightmare because I didn’t want a twitter in the first place. My official twitter is twitter.com/S_Knight05. SterlingKnight is NOT me.

Also check out 20 HQ stills from “StarStruck.” “StarStruck” premieres on Disney Channel on February 14 and co-stars Brandon Mychal Smith, Danielle Campbell, Maggie Castle & Chelsea Staub.

Credit: Radio Disney/Bob D’Amico/Eric McCandless/Disney Channel