Big Time Rush Premieres Monday!


-Check out a bunch of great promo shots of the guys of “Big Time Rush”. The show, which had a special sneak peek in November, will premiere on Nickelodeon on January 18 at 8:30pm EST.

In the premiere episode, titled “Big Time School of Rocque,” the guys get a dose of reality when Gustavo tells them that they are required to go to school in addition to recording their new album. While they prefer to attend school at the more fun-friendly Palm Woods, Gustavo has other ideas and arranges to have their teacher located at the recording studio. After their awful first day at the “School of Rocque,” Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan hatch a plan to take down Principal Gustavo so they may soon join their friends at the Palm Woods school.

Be sure to become a fan of the guys on Facebook. There are tons of videos of the guys including a fun one about twitter and one where the guys sit down and answer your questions.

20+ HQs below

Credit: Stewart Shining © Viacom International, Inc 2009