Reed Alexander Launches


Reed Alexander from “iCarly” has just launched his brand new website, Reed recently lost weight (15 lbs) on a diet plan that he created for himself and he was so inspired by his own success that he wanted to reach out to other tweens/teens via the Internet to share his knowledge for achieving a healthy lifestyle. is a fun, interactive website that provides kids with “bites” of information that will help them to make smart, healthy, lifestyle, choices.

Overview of

• Nutritional bites: bites of information about healthy foods and nutrition

• Kewl at School: Tips for eating healthy during the school day, ranging from the importance of breakfast to delicious healthy snacks to the virtues of lunchtime favorites, and more.

• Mini Bites:- Bites of information about various topics: sleep, doctor visits, related categories that naturally compliment and play in a central role in living a healthy lifestyle.

• Kewl Recipes: Delicious healthy recipes and tips

• Exercise Tid Bites: Great exercise tips that can involve the entire family.

Reed Alexander is NOT a recognized nutritionist. His goal is to share this weight loss vision with other tween/teens who are struggling with their weight and body image. Reed’s acting credits include Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective, Cartoon Network “Out of Jimmy’s Head” and the movie Magnus, Inc.

Be sure to follow Reed: @reedalexander and Kewlbites: @kewlbites on twitter.