Camp Rock 2: The Romance, Singing & Dancing Are Bigger and Better


Joe Jonas holds onto Demi Lovato’s hand in this first picture from “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” “There’s a lot more romance with my character and even with Nick’s character,” Joe Jonas told PEOPLE. “The romance, the singing and dancing – everything is bigger and better.”

More from the article: In the sequel, the film follows Mitchie (played by Lovato) and Shane (played by Joe Jonas) as they return to Camp Rock for another summer of music and fun. Their love blossoms as they battle against a new state-of-the-art music camp called Camp Star that has opened across the lake.

“The romance between Shane and Mitchie is still there and it continues to grow,” Jonas says. “They want to spend more time together but [finding time is a bit] difficult for them to do, because she is trying to help out the camp as much as she can.”

Revisiting her breakout role was “exciting,” says Lovato, 17, and starring with the Jonas Brothers again was a job that guaranteed a good time. “They are so easy to work with and we just hangout and have fun,” Lovato tells PEOPLE. “They are like my brothers and they are my best friends. They always make me laugh.”

This time around Kevin Jonas and brother Nick Jonas will have their own storylines (including a love interest for Nick!) along with the youngest Jonas brother, Frankie, who joins the onscreen action.

“It’s fun,” said Nick about his character falling for the daughter of the owner of the rival camp, played by Chloe Bridges. “It’s good when you feel comfortable with the person and we’re friends.”

And any nerves about kissing? “No, we hadn’t had to do that but it’s been good.”

With all the onscreen relationships, Kevin is the odd man out as a camp counselor with no love interest. But the newlywed told PEOPLE that’s fine with him: “I’ve got my own love interest in my real life so I’m good!”

Catch the special sneak peek of “Camp Rock 2” tonight during Disney Channel’s New Years Eve Star Showdown starting at 6pm EST.