Interview: Josie Loren Dishes on “Make It or Break It”


-Only 1 week left until ABC Family’s hit show, “Make It or Break It” returns with all new episodes on January 4, 2010 at 9pm EST. To get you ready for the second half of season 1, we have a new interview with star Josie Loren who plays “Kaylie Cruz” on the show. SO-M, along with other online sites, participated in a phone interview with the 22-year-old actress recently and got all the scoop on what’s ahead.

SO-M: In the first ten episodes, we see the Cruz family as this golden family and then near the end, they start to crumble with the affair becoming public and the lies between the dad and Carter and everything. Are we going to see that family built up again in the next ten episodes?
Josie: Yes, the immediate answer right now is yes, but that’s all subject to change. They’ve kind of set it up so it will change. It’s funny because right now after having just finished the sixth episode, we’re at this point where you don’t know what’s going to happen between Ronnie and Alex, my parents. I’m very curious to see what is going to come in the next episode. But as of right now, the Cruz family has really kind of bonded together. My dad is having a hard time stepping back from the spotlight and not managing me. He kind of lets my agent take that position. And it’s really helped Kaylie’s relationship with her father and also the relationship between Ronnie and Alex having him step down from that spot and letting to go to somebody else. So right now, all is good. But who knows what the next four episodes will bring?

SO-M: We had recently talked with Nicole Anderson (“JONAS”) who told us she was coming back for a few more episodes. Do you have any other guest stars you can maybe hint at?
Josie: Yes, she’s in the next episode. I’m really excited to work with her again. They keep us so in the dark in terms of what’s coming next. I know the script of the next episode and that’s it. Other than that, we have no idea what’s in store for our characters or who’s going to be on board. We’re just kind of always waiting for somebody to drop us a line. But usually, that line doesn’t come. So, no, I have no clue. I’m just really happy that she’ll be back.

SO-M: The cast seems to be pretty close. Is there a fun fact you can tell us about each of your costars maybe?
Josie: Well, Ayla [Kell] is a certified cake maker, so she’s kind of like our Martha Stewart who we love and adore. Cassie [Scerbo], I can’t even like say Cassie’s name without laughing. Cassie is like the—she’s the glamorous one on set. She’s the one that will walk on set wearing her leotard and like the heels that she brought on to work today. It looks absolutely ridiculous and hilarious, but that’s Cassie and that’s why we love her. She always has the funny comments and the things that you’re just like, “Really, did you really just say that?” So we’re just constantly laughing with her.

Chelsea [Hobbs], what can I say about Chelsea? She’s the momma of the group. I was sick one time and she literally made me a list of what I had to buy from Whole Foods to get better quickly. It was like wellness formula. She introduced me to all of these different vitamins and literally wrote them out, so I could go that day to Whole Foods and buy all of these things to get better quickly. She’s definitely the momma of the group, so we’re lucky to have her.

SO-M: Now that the first ten episodes have aired, do you get recognized more when you’re out and about?
Josie: Yes, I definitely do. It’s kind of strange. I haven’t gotten completely used to it yet. I’m actually home right now for the holidays. I’m in Miami. I’ve been recognized actually every day since I’ve been here the past three days a few times here and there. My family, they’re such hams. They love it so much. I’m more kind of weirded out by it still. I mean it’s completely flattering, but you’re not used to it, but they love it. My brothers and sisters, my mom, they get such a kick out of it. As long as I can give them a laugh, that’s what counts, I guess.

Q: What about your role continues to challenge you?
Josie: Well, we have a great team of writers. I feel like our characters are always developing. Kaylie started off as one thing and she’s now going into something else completely different. So I have different things that I have to deal with, different issues, different troubles that have to deal with these ten episodes that I didn’t have to in the last ten. In last ten episodes, Kaylie kind of played this golden girl, very naïve. I thought she was kind of—she’s really just soft and she’s now stepped into the role of national champion. And just dealing with all of those things that the writers are giving me, dealing with envy, having to be even more aggressive now because she actually has the title. I think that that’s very challenging because it’s just all different.

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Be sure to watch “Make It or Break It” when it returns with new episodes to ABC Family on January 4, 2010, following “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Be sure to check out the official site HERE and follow Josie on twitter: @josloren.