AJ Michalka: Aly and I Are a Packaged Deal


AJ Michalka’s puppy Willow takes a nap on her lap during a recent interview with Teen.com. The 18-year-old chatted about her character “Clarissa” in the upcoming movie, The Lovely Bones, her sister, and her love of reading.

On her best friend: “It sounds super cliche, but I’d have to say my best friend is my sister Aly. We’re super close. We do everything together, not just stuff that has to do with music or film…We’re kind of a packaged deal. If you get one of us you get the other.

On if she’s “boy-crazy”:
“I’m not really boy crazy. I have a lot of friends that are…but I do like playing boy-crazy. It’s kind of a fun role to play.”

On her favorite part of The Lovely Bones: “The stuff involving the glass bottles and the ships inside. It really symbolizes the sadness and anger that Mark Wahlberg’s character had because he was so into doing that with Susie at a young age.”

Check out the full interview below as well as an interview with the movie’s star, Saoirse Ronan.