Power of Youth Honors 5 Young Stars on Saturday


Jesse McCartney, Corbin Bleu, Miranda Cosgrove, Annalynne McCord & Keke Palmer were the 5 young stars honored at Variety’s 3rd Annual Power of Youth Event on Saturday for their charity work. Jesse was honored for his work with City of Hope. Jesse told Variety “Bob Cavallo (chairman of the Disney Music Group and) the head of Hollywood Records, which has been my record label for the last six years, introduced me to City of Hope. Once I had the chance to really study the center and all of the things that they do, especially with their pediatric programs, I became a little obsessed.” Jesse recently visited the Cancer Research Center. You can see a video of that HERE.

Corbin Bleu was recognized for his work with Starlight Children’s Foundation. Corbin is the national spokesperson for the organization and told Variety, “I started about five years ago when I did a hospital visit and was shocked at what a huge difference the (organization) makes for not only these children but also their families, who are also affected. I consider family one of the most important aspects of life, because at the end of the day your family is who is always going to be there for you. When it comes to these children, their family is all they have because some of them never get to leave the hospital.”

Miranda Cosgrove was honored for her work with St. Jude’s. She shared: “I got a call about visiting the hospital with the Jonas Brothers and Angus Jones (“Two and a Half Men”). We went and met the kids, who were so cool. That really got me into the (organization). It just seemed like a perfect fit, because I love kids and I love making people happy, and at the same time, I had a lot of fun doing karaoke and drawing games and just meeting everyone and getting to know them.”

Keke Palmer for her work with the Boys and Girls Club. She shared that she got involved when “The executive director of ICTBS, Curtis Benjamin, approached (me) three years ago and asked me if I wanted to go talk to some kids about my experiences. I said sure because I love talking to my peers. It ended up being a lot of fun. I love trying to motivate and inspire them and let them know there is more out there in life than the neighborhood they live in.”

Annalynne McCord was honored for her work with The Blind Project, which is a nonprofit New York City-based organization dedicated to raising awareness and improving the quality of life for sex-trafficking victims. The org, focused on Southeast Asia, provides access to rehabilitation services, quality education and innovative economic opportunities.

Congrats to all 5 for helping to make a difference!

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