Debby Ryan Is a Powerful Youth


Debby Ryan was one of many young stars to show their support for a good cause at Variety’s 3rd Annual Power of Youth Event. Getting involved with charities and the community is very important to Debby. Debby often visits children at hospitals and even helped serve Thanksgiving Dinner with the LA Mission. This year, POY honored Jesse McCartney, Miranda Cosgrove, Keke Palmer, Annalynne McCord & Corbin Bleu for their charity work. All proceeds from this year’s event will benefit LA’s Best and Starlight Foundation.

Debby had a blast at the event. She met up with friends like Taylor Spreitler and even hung out with the wax figure of Wolverine. She tweeted: Power of Youth was awesome. Good to see some of my favorite people! like Wolverine, or Wolvie, as I call him. Have you been keeping up with Debby’s music blog? She updated her official website with an explanation of her song “Adios.” The song is one she has recorded, but isn’t sure when she’ll release, if at all. You can hear her talk about it in our interview from the premiere of The Princess & the Frog.

Lying awake one night in February of 2009, I was thinking about someone I had met. After two days and he had taken over most of my thoughts, my energy, my interactions, and I could see where it was going. This is when I picked up the pen. It’s important to me to be balanced, especially when it came to relationships. My family, my career, bettering myself, spreading goodness, helping neighbors, these were things that I put my energy towards. As I looked down at the page in the light of a weak booklamp, I realized that the song wasn’t as much me telling him these things. This song was my mind telling my heart that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. I resolved to use my time and thoughts to better myself, and say “Adios” to anything that would distract from my goal. I went to bed and forgot about the song. It was just another midnight scribble tucked in the pages of my old journal.