Nick Jonas: “Who I Am” Set the Tempo for the Album


Nick Jonas chatted backstage with MTV News at the Grammy Nominations Concert on Wednesday night. The 17-year-old singer/songwriter chatted about the first single “Who I Am”: “It’s [one of] the first songs we wrote for the record; it means a lot to me personally. It’s a song just about trying to find love and wanting to find that person who understands who you are. I think everyone can relate to something like that. It was also one of the first songs I recorded for the record, so it set the tempo for the sound.”

He also chatted about how performing without Kevin & Joe was different: “”It definitely was different. But I think going into it, knowing they were supportive made it all right. I was looking forward to it. … It was a lot of fun being up there tonight. Having my fans up top and my brothers down on the floor just made for a great, comfortable environment to premiere this new side project, this new record.”