Debby Ryan Is ‘Relate’-able


Debby Ryan covers the Holiday issue of Relate Magazine and opens up about everything from her latest projects to her goals to self-esteem and confidence. Check out a few highlights below.

On her new movie, What If: The movie is faith based and chill. The director only makes movies with morals and boundaries, and knows everything else will follow. This is the most important thing for me. The thing I love about Disney is that I go to work every day and never have to worry about what I will be doing this week. Everything I do is ok and I don’t have to worry about my Grandma seeing it or my kids seeing it one day. What If is the same way.

On her most challenging role: My most challenging role is probably an episode of “Suite Life” that won’t be out for a couple months. Basically, something happens to Bailey that, while being herself, she becomes someone else. It is interesting to see Bailey in a completely different life.

On her favorite part about working for Disney: I have boundaries. I want to remain respectable and classy while still being a teenager and youthful. We [her and her dad] were talking about when you do have boundaries, you have to find a team and company that aligns with your vision. Disney perfectly embodies everything I stand for.

Advice to help maintain high self-esteem & confidence: Know that when you look in the mirror and say you wish you had so and so’s nose, they are doing the same thing. Everyone has something to change. We can’t fathom that who we are inside is what truly matters…You were made the way you were made: beautifully! Harness your perfections and imperfections. At the end of the day, it’s your heart, soul, mind and emotions that matter. Love those things and become the person you want to be, not what someone else wants.

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